In the latest update from the TAT, it was announced that the sandbox scheme is being expanded and simplified effective from November 1st 2021. 

Arrivals from any of the listed 63 countries world-wide may now visit any of the 17 “Blue Zone” areas without the need to do hotel quarantine (Air travel only). Incoming travelers must have been staying in one of the listed countries for no less than 21 days before travelling to Thailand. however returning Thais and foreign residents who previously left Thailand are exempt from this requirement.

New arrivals are still required to spend the first 7 days of their stay in Thailand in one of the Blue Zone Sandbox areas before moving to other destinations in Thailand. 

Countries exempt from quarantine
Sandbox Blue Zones

Before travelling to Thailand

Traveler’s are required to take the following steps;

  • Acquire a certificate of vaccination showing that you have been fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine no less than 14 das before your intended arrival in Thailand
  • Anyone who has been infected with COVID-19 up to 3 months prior to travelling to Thailand must have had at least 1 does of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before arriving in Thailand.
  • Children under 12 who are travelling with fully vaccinated parents are exempt for vaccination requirements. 
  • All arrivals must acquire a negative RT-PCR lab test certificate no more than 72 hours before travelling.
  • You will need to provide proof of payments for at least 1 nights stay in a SHA+, AQ, QQ or AHQ accommodation on arrival. Along with 1 pre-paid RE-PCR test which is required on arrival in Thailand.
  • Travelers are also required to obtain travel insurance covering no less than US$50,000

Once you have fulfilled these initial requirements you can then register online for your Thailand Travel Pass at Once you have uploaded the required documents you will receive a Thailand Pass QR Code or COE which will allow you to travel to Thailand. This process usually takes 3-5 working days for approval.

When you arrive in Thailand

You will be required to present your QR Code or COE as part of the immigration process. You must then undergo your pre-paid RT-PCR test (saliva test for children under 6 years old) and proceed with your pre-booked transfer to your pre-booked accommodation (no further than 2 hours travelling time from the airport) to await the results. You must also download and install the Mor Chana application at the hotel. Once you receive the results of your RT-PCR test you are free to leave your hotel room and enjoy your stay.

During your stay in Thailand

We recommend that you use as many local services as possible. Eat in different restaurants, drink in different bars, visit spas, go on tours and day trips.

On day 6-7 of your stay, the Mor Chana application will notify that you are required to take an Antigen Test. You can do this yourself and upload the results on the Mor Chana app.

You should also keep in line with the D-M-H-T-T-A guidelines, which are;

D – Distancing – Whenever possible maintain social distancing off at least 1 meter.

M – Mask – Everyone in Thailand is required to wear a mask in public.

H- Handwashing – Alcohol gel is supplied free by most businesses in Thailand. Including shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and tour companies.

T- Temperature Checks – Before entering most buildings, you are required to undergo a temperature check.

T- Testing – It is a requirement of most provinces in Thailand that you take a test before crossing provincial boarders.

A – Alert Application – This is the Mor Chana App. make sure it is installed to enable you hassle- free and safe travel in Thailand.

After 7 days you are free to travel anywhere you want in Thailand. Before you depart Thailad be sure to check the entry requirements of your next destination.

These requirements are frequently revised and updated. CLICK HERE for the lastest updates and information.

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