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About Us

Over 10 years’ experience of working with tourist here in Khao Lak.

At Discovery Travel we are using our vast experience and local knowledge to help our customers enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Custom Travel Experiences

We work hard to ensure that our Khao Lak tours are as enjoyable as possible as well as being ‘something completely different’.

Unlike most tour operators in Khao Lak, here at Discovery Travel we are not happy just to take our customers to the usual tourist hot-spots.

It is important to us that all our customers get an amazing experience that they will remember forever. We try hard to allow our customers to experience local skills and cultures. Travel should always be amazing!

Thai local  tour in Khao Lak

Sutsainable Travel

All our trips are run in the most eco-friendly way possible and we work together with local people and communities. We work closely with other locally run companies in the area, which we carefully select to provide our customers with the best services and products possible.


By providing work and income to local people we can help to improve standards of life for local families, and give our customers the chance to experience ‘real Thailand’ in places often never before seen by tourists.

“We are member of Travelife and we have started the process to work step by step towards complying with international sustainability standards.”

CLICK HERE for further information about our Operational Sustainability Policies & Procedures .

Plastic Free Tours

Plastic Free Tours

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable tourism in Khao Lak, we are working hard to remove as much single use plastic from our trips as possible. So far we have already removed single use plastic bottles and food wrappings from all of our trips. We are hoping to do more!

“Be part of the solution, not the pollution!”

Low Impact Tourism

Low Impact Tourism

On any of our “Joined Trips” we take smaller groups than most other tour operators. Not only does this help to give our trips an exclusive, almost private feel, it also helps to reduce our impact on nature and the beautiful destinations we visit.

“Take only photos, leave only footprints!”

Support Local People

Support Local Skills and People

Many of the skills that are so important to the lives of local people have been passsed down through the generations. But many of these ancient skills are in danger of being lost forever. We employ local people and premote the use of traditional skills in our every day operation, to help keep local wisdom alive.

“Employing local people and keep these skills alive for future generations.”

Our Promise to you

Quality Assurance From Discovery Travel

Highest Safety Standards

Your safety is our top priority! All of our crew are safety trained and are provided with all necessary safety equipment to ensure you  can enjoy your say without worry.

Excellent Value For Money

All our tours are designed to give you the best. We offer a wide range of reasonably priced tours and holiday services to suit all budgets.

Exclusive destinations

Along with our re-makes of more traditional tours, we also provide a selection of exclusive trips that we are proud to say that currently only we have the skills and knowledge to provide.

award winning tours!