Terms & Conditions

Bookings & Travel Advice

• By confirming a booking with Discovery Travel, customers are agreeing to the published Terms & Conditions.

• All bookings are subject to availability.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for all bookings.

• A minimum of 2 adults is required for each trip unless stated otherwise.

• Discovery Travel Limited Partnership reserves the right to cancel or change a booking without prior notice. In this event a full refund will be given, or an alternative date provided.

• Discovery Travel cannot be held responsible for sea and weather conditions. In the event that a trip is effected by bad sea or weather conditions, Discovery Travel will offer an alternative program. In which case no refund will be given.

• Discovery Travel reserves the right to cancel or change a booking if sea or weather conditions are deemed to pose a risk to safety. In this event an alternative date will be provided or if an alternative date is not possible a refund will be given minus any pre-paid or non-refundable costs e.g. food or national park entrance fees.

• Selected trips are not recommended for young children.

• A general level of good fitness is recommended for all trips.

• Due to weather and tidal conditions the timings of some trips may vary each day. The average length of our trips is 4-8 hours.

• Some of our guides and crew assist our customers by taking photographs throughout the trip, this service is provided free of charge and customers may ask the guide or crew member to share the photographs with them if they wish. Some of these photographs may also be used by Discovery Travel Limited Partnership for marketing purposes. Any customer who does not wish to be photographed should inform the guide at the start of the trip.

• All published itinerates are examples only. Changes may be made without prior notification.

• All prices are inclusive of  VAT and government tax.

• Prices are calculated using real world costs and are therefore non-negotiable.


Discovery Travel Limited Partnership do not recommend our tours for…

• Anyone suffering from a serious medical complaint. e.g. heart conditions, respiratory problems or back pain.

• Heavily pregnant women.

• Anyone with mobility restrictions.


Cancelations, Changes & refunds

• Day trip cancelations must be made a minimum of 24 hours before the trip is scheduled to take place. A charge of 100% will be applied to late cancelations.

• If a customer wishes to make changes to a booking less than 24 hours in advance, the customer will be liable for any additional costs incurred. Including, but not limited to; pre-cooked food costs, insurance costs, loss of earnings for team members or third-party suppliers.

• Cancelations or changes to bookings of additional add-ons must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Late changes or cancelations will be charged in full and are non-refundable.

• ‘No Show’ customers will be charged the full price as agreed.

• Similan and Surin national park fees are non-refundable once a booking has been confirmed.

• For Day trip bookings, in the event of illness we offer customers to change the date of their booking free of charge. However, failure to notify Discovery Travel Limited Partnership before the scheduled departure time will result in charges of 100%. If the trip must be cancelled a refund of up to 50% may be given if the illness is validated by a doctor.

• In the event of a refund being given Discovery Travel cannot be held responsible for any transfer costs charged by a third party. Discovery Travel will refund the amount received from the original payment only. Discovery Travel will endeavor to process all refunds within 14 working days of receiving the required details. Some transactions may take longer depending on the banking/transfer services.



• Discovery Travel Limited Partnership will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions.

• Discovery Travel Limited Partnership is not liable for any personal injury sustained during any of our trips. Customers join our trips at their own risk. We take safety very seriously and take all possible precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. In addition, all our staff are first aid trained and highly experienced.



• Insurance covers anyone aged between 1-75 years. Children older than 1 month are also covered for certain activities.

• History of previous illness or medical condition may void the insurance.

*Additional information. Further details can be provided on request.

**Note: Many insurance providers in Thailand publish their full terms and conditions in Thai only. Official translations can be made but may take time. Discovery Travel cannot be held responsible for translation costs.


Customer Responsibility

• Customers are responsible for ensuring they arrive at designated meeting points at the agreed time. Discovery Travel Limited Partnership applies a curtesy waiting time of 15 minutes, should the customer fail to make contact with Discovery Travel Limited Partnership within the specified time Discovery Travel Limited Partnership can not be held responsible for any personal costs or onward travel costs.

• Discovery Travel Limited Partnership will not tolerate and abusive or offensive behavior from customers. Onward travel or further services may be denied to any customers behaving in a offensive or abusive manner. In which case the customer will be responsible for any personal costs incurred and no refunds will be given.

• Customers are required to act within the law of The Kingdom of Thailand at all times during the tour. Customers are fully responsible for any fines or legal action incurred by their behavior. Discovery Travel Limited Partnership cannot be held responsible.

• Discovery Travel discourages the consumption of alcohol, or any other controlled substances while on tour. Anyone who our guides judge to be intoxicated may be refused further passage. In which case the customer will be responsible for any personal costs incurred and no refunds will be given.

• Any complaints or issues should be raised within 24 hours of the event taking place. Discovery Travel will aim to make an initial response within 12 hours of receiving the complaint. Discovery Travel will then fully investigate the matter and aim to resolve the matter quickly.

• It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Discovery Travel are informed of an serious medical conditions or other personal issues that may cause disruption to a tour or service. In the event that the customer fails to inform Discovery Travel, the customer will be liable for any and all costs incurred. Including, but not limited to; emergency evacuation or transportation costs, emergency healthcare costs and compensating other customers.



• Discovery Travel offers courtesy waiting times as follows;

Standard pick-ups 20 minutes (15 minutes for joined tours)
Airport pick-ups (domestic) 1 hour
Airport pick-ups (international) 2 hours


• If it becomes necessary for the driver to wait longer than the agreed time, the customer should notify Discovery Travel as soon as possible. An additional charge of 50 Baht will be added for every additional 30 minutes of waiting.

• Child seats are compulsory for small children. Discovery Travel reserves the right to impose extra charges or refuse passage to any small children if it is not made clear when booking that a child seat is required.


Multi-Day Packages

• All bookings must be made in advance and are subject to availability.

• Minimum prices are calculated on a basis of 2 adults sharing for each trip unless otherwise stated.

• In the event of a cancelation by the customer a full refund of operations provided directly by Discovery Travel will be given, so long as the cancelation is made 30 days prior to departure. If the cancelation is made less than 30 days before departure the price will be non-refundable.

• No show guests will be charged in full. In the event of illness 50% total price will be non-refundable, unless a validated by a doctor.

Third Party Providers

Cancelations policies, as well as other terms and conditions for accommodations and services provided third parties may differ. Details of any third-party services that do not comply with our standard policies are available via the following links;

– The Mooring Resort

– Wow Andaman

– Andaman Discoveries

– Oceanova

– Xtra Holiday

If you have any queries about and of our terms & conditions, please contact us directly.

** The above terms & conditions apply to all trips and services operated directly by Discovery Travel Limited Partnership. Products operated by our partner companies may be different.**