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Khao Lak Jungle Tour

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Award winning tours

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We have everything you need to make your Khao Lak adventure amazing. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone or travelling with kids, excursions and tours are the highlight of every holiday. Make your holiday the best it can be with our selection of private tours and small group tours.

First time in Khao Lak? Take a look through out day trips from Khao Lak and visit Khao Lak today. A snorkeling trip from Khao Lak is not to be missed! There are so many Khao Lak boat trips available you can be sure to find the one that is right for you.

If you are looking for amazing beaches and islands then look no further than a Similan Islands day trip from Khao Lak. Situated just over an hour’s boat trip from Khao Lak the Similan Islands National Park provides stunning beaches and rock formations. If you are looking for the best snorkeling then a Surin Islands tour from Khao Lak is the trip for you!

The Surin Islands have the best snorkeling reefs in Thailand and are recognized as being one of the top ten snorkel and dive sites in the world. However, both of these destinations are only accessible with speedboat tours from Khao Lak, and speedboats are expensive if you want to make your tour private. But do not worry! Our local snorkeling tour with our specially designed tour boat, is the perfect alternative if you are looking to make your Khao Lak island tour a Khao Lak private tour.

There is such a wide range of tours from Khao Lak, Thailand that you be sure you will never get bored. Our Khao Lak kayaking tour has become a must do tour in Khao Lak. James Bond Island tours from Khao Lak and Khao Sok tours from Khao Lak are just as popular as ever. But that doesn’t mean you have to travel for hours for at the start of every Khao Lak excursion. There is plenty to see and do closer to your resort in Khao Lak. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, tour Khao Lak!

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Khao Lak Guide

Just a bit of background information to get your holiday started.

Be sure to check out our Khao Lak Travel Blog and Travel Advice pages for further hints and tips.

Khao Lak, Thailand

The area collectively known as Khao Lak is actually a selection of several different villages that have merged together as the number of hotels in Khao Lak grows. Each year thousands of tourists are drawn to the beaches in Khao Lak to enjoy the beautiful Thailand weather. 

Khao Lak gets its name from the large mountain that is now mostly controlled by the Khao Lak national park. Khao Lak translates to mean “Main Mountain”. This mountain has been used by seafarers for many hundreds of years as a landmark marking the entrance to Thap Lamu harbor. 

For those wishing to travel around and see Thailand, there is no better place to make your base than Khao Lak. Airport transfers from Phuket to Khao Lak take just over an hour. The beautiful Khao Sok National Park and the famous James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay are also just over an hour drive from Khao Lak center. For those who wish to experience amazing diving and snorkeling it is just as easy to get a speedboat to the Similan Islands and Surin Islands from Khao Lak.

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Khao Lak Beaches

These days Khao Lak is segmented into the original village sections to make Khao Lak easier to navigate, namely Khao Lak Beach (sometimes referred to as Merlin Beach), Nang Thong Beach, La Own Beach, Bang Niang Beach, Khuk Khak Beach, Pakweep Beach, Leam Pakarang and Bangsak Beach.

It is possible to walk the full length of the town and further along the beach, although some areas are blocked at high tide when the sea reaches the sea walls infront of certain hotels.

The Khao Lak beaches are mostly perfect safe for swimming. In most areas the water is shallow and the bottom is sandy. The majority of larger hotels also usually have lifeguards on duty, and red/green flags to help people keep safe in the sea.

In the monsoon seasons (May-Oct) however the sea can become very rough and the waves very large. It is not usually recommended to swim in the sea during these stormy times. It is always best to check for green flags before entering the water.


Getting to Khao Lak

Unfortunately, there is no Khao Lak airport, however both Phuket airport and Krabi airport are relatively close. The easiest way to get to Khao Lak is to fly into Phuket airport and get a taxi from to your hotel. The drive takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Phuket airport to Khao Lak.

It is also possible to get busses from places such as Surat Thani and Bangkok to Khao Lak. Khao Lak is conveniently located on the main road to Phuket so busses run regularly and you can get off in any area of Khao Lak you wish.


Khao Lak Hotels

Khao Lak has a whole range of hotels and resorts to suit all budgets and tastes. There are luxurious 5-star Khao Lak beach resorts and cheap and cheerful budget rooms and villas. It is easy to find a hotel in Khao Lak to suit everyone.

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Khao Lak Weather

Khao Lak is generally warm all year round (average 28-30°C) with 2 distinct seasons. The dry season and the monsoon season. The Dry season is usually between November and April. This is usually the best time to visit as the weather is a bit more predictable.

May to October is a bit more difficult to predict. This is the monsoon season so expect rain. At this time of year, the weather can change in without warning. It can go from hot and sunny to howling wind and pouring rain in a matter of seconds. So, it’s best to be prepared. Luckily enough there is still plenty to do in Khao Lak when it rains, you just might get wet!

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Khao Lak Excursions

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National Parks Near Khao Lak

Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park – the Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park head quarters is located in the mountain road and is usually one of the first sights people see as they arrive in Khao Lak for the first time. The most popular places to visit in the park are the Small Sandy Beach close to the park headquarters and the Ton Chong Fah Waterfall located about 12km inland from the national park visitor center.

Mu Ko Similan National Park – The Similan national park consists of 11 islands all arranged in an almost straight line just over 30 miles west of the Khao Lak coastline. These islands have become a Mecca for snorkelers and divers since the park opened in the late 1980s. One of the most famous views of the park is the amazing granite rock formations overlooking the pure white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters of “Donald Duck Bay” on the largest island (Isl.8, Koh Similan).

Mu Ko Surin National Park – The Surin national park is located to the north of the Similan islands and has become world famous for having some of the best snorkel and dive sites in Thailand. The Surin islands are also home to a tribe of Moken sea gypsies who are believed to have lived and survived in the Andaman Sea for over 4,000 years.

Khao Sok National Park – Khao Sok national park is the most popular national park in Thailand. Khao Sok is home to a rich and healthy natural rain forest which is claimed to be one of the oldest evergreen rainforests in the world. One of the major attractions of the Khao Sok national park is the Cheow Lan Lake where it is possible to stay overnight in floating resorts.

Khao Lak Nightlife

Khao Lak is nowhere near as lively as places like Patong or Patttaya, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good night out. Most of the bars in Khao Lak are friendly and easy-going beer bars where you can sit and enjoy a drink with family and friends while you watch the world go by. There are however a few more lively places for those who want a bit more of an energetic atmosphere;

Geko Bar – located in the street just behind Bang Niang night market, it is easy to walk straight past Geko Bar in the early evenings without even seeing it. This bar often gets busier later on and is popular with dive crews and young seasonal workers from Europe. Geko has a very chilled vibe with bar games such as pool and table football available for customers.

Degree Bar – Simply put, Degree is where the locals hang out. The bar starts to fill up around 11pm when the resident band takes it’s place up on stage. The music is almost entirely local Thai music and after a few drinks the bar is bouncing with locals letting off a bit of steam. Degree is located outside the Bang Niang night market, directly opposite the entrance to the Khao Lak Tsunami Memorial.

Moo Moo Cabaret – A great fun start to the night. Located almost next door to Degree opposite the Khao Lak Tsunami Memorial Park, Moo Moo’s is the first and only cabaret show in Khao Lak. Thailand has become well known for it’s ladyboy population and the Moo Moo show is a hugely fun and spectacular show with outrageous costumes, and dance routines that would put Las Vegas to shame.

Happy Snapper – The Happy Snapper is located in Nang Thong main road, not far from The Sands Khao Lak Resort. This bar is a nice Thai/western combo with a live bands and tribute acts playing various different styles of music. The clientele is mostly Europeans but you do get a few locals in there now and then.

Monkey Bar – Monkey is another great bar for live music. The house band plays a range of western music, usually classic rock with a few modern hits thrown in for good measure. Monkey Bar is located just down the road from the Happy Snapper on the Nang Thong main road.

Build Factory – This is Khao Lak’s only large night club. Outside there are tables and chairs for those who wish to drink and in relative quiet or strike up a chat with the brewery’s PR girls who float around ensuring peoples glasses don’t stay empty.  Don’t go thinking this is a typical sleazy girly bar however, their job is to keep people drinking. Once inside the resident band and DJ alternate throughout the night to keep the patrons up and dancing.

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