Ahoy, adventurers! We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you all. Our longtail boat, Explorer 1 the pride of Discovery Travel, has undergone a complete makeover! 

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Khao Lak, Thailand, our boat tours just got even better! Join us as we take you on a journey of the incredible improvements and upgrades we’ve made to ensure an unforgettable experience for all our guests.

Preserving Tradition with a Modern Twist

At Discovery Travel, we believe in preserving tradition while embracing modern comforts. That’s why we embarked on a meticulous renovation journey. We started by cleaning and replacing any weathered wood while meticulously recalking using traditional methods. The rich heritage of the longtail boat is an integral part of our charm, and we wanted to maintain its authenticity for all to admire.

Longtail Boat Renovations

Enhancing Performance and Eco-Friendliness

But that’s not all! Our dedication to excellence pushed us to go the extra mile. We revamped the boat’s tail to run smoother and more economically. This not only ensures a comfortable ride but also significantly reduces our environmental footprint, making our tours more eco-friendly than ever before.

Protecting the Pristine Waters

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t end there. To protect the pristine waters we love, we have installed oil absorbers in the bilge. This cutting-edge technology prevents oils from being pumped into the sea, ensuring the crystal-clear waters of Khao Lak remain untainted and beautiful for generations to come.

Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

We’ve taken your comfort seriously, too! Introducing our newest addition – a freshwater tank on board! Not only does it offer you a refreshing shower after a dip in the azure waters, but it also enhances the boat’s stability. With your safety and enjoyment in mind, our freshwater tank ensures you have a smooth and worry-free adventure.

Making a Splash with New Amenities

We understand that your experience should be seamless from the moment you dive in. That’s why we’re introducing brand new ladders and handrails, making it a breeze to get in and out of the water. Say goodbye to awkward maneuvers and hello to hassle-free water activities!

Treating the wood with natural oils

Shelter from the Elements

Nature can be unpredictable, but we’ve got you covered – quite literally! We have ordered special curtains that will provide extra shade from the beaming sun and act as a shelter if a surprise shower rains on our parade. Mother Nature won’t stop us from having fun!

recalking our longtail boat using traditional materials.

Our passion for adventure and respect for nature have driven us to create the most unforgettable longtail boat tours in Khao Lak, Thailand. With our renovated boat, boasting traditional charm, modern upgrades, and eco-friendly initiatives, we invite you to experience the wonders of this enchanting destination like never before.

Get ready to make memories, dive into pristine waters, and feel the warm Thai sun on your skin. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard! Book your tour today and join us for the adventure of a lifetime!